How to sort products for wholesale portal

How to sort Products for the Wholesale Portal

This article walks you through how to update how your products are listed in your Wholesale Portal, or on your invoices.

Step by step instructions

Sorting within the page

  1. Click on the Position header
  2. Drag and drop a Product using the handle icon that appears in the left-most column when hovering over a product

Sorting to the top, bottom or to an exact position

  1. Click on the vertical ellipsis icon to the right of each product to show the dropdown menu
  2. Select Sort
  3. Choose from one of the 3 options to sort to the top of the list, bottom of the list, or place the product at an exact position within the list
  4. One gotcha is to make sure that you have the 'Enter Position' option chosen or it will not update:

Video instructions

📽 Watch Video introducing Sorting

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