Customizable Categories on the Portal

You can now customize the tabs or categories on the wholesale portal to help your customers find and order products easier.

It is recommended that you take a second to review the following steps before enabling Customizable Categories on your Portal!

Enable Product Groups on the Portal

Please review all of your Product Groups, and decide which should be viewable on the Portal.  RoasterTools enables four system product groups that may or may not be appropriate for your roastery. 

If you disable all product groups, the portal will just show a default "All" category.  

If you enable more than two product groups for the portal, then your customers will see a '...More' button which will show all available categories in a pop up window.

Prioritize which **top two** Product Groups to be Viewable

Your top two categories as sorted on the Product Group page will be automatically shown on the Portal, and users will have to click the '...More' tab to see additional categories via a pop up window. 

Exclusive Product Groups & Portal Categories

Your exclusive product groups will be shown to only those that are granted access to those groups.  However, one gotcha is that products that span multiple groups will still be shown where appropriate.  

In other words, adding a product to more than one Product Group and making one of those Product Groups exclusive does not mean that that product will necessarily be exclusive.  It just means that the category will not be viewable.

If you do not add a product to multiple Product Groups, then this issue does not apply.  Your product *will be* exclusive. 

Using Catalogs + Customizable Categories

A catalog is a limited set of products that are available to one or more customers on the Portal.  And it works with customizable categories!

In order to make this work, the Portal does not show any categories (aka Product Groups) that do not have products.   You can think of catalogs as a filter that prevents these products from showing, and thus the categories that they belong to as well.  

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