How to link all retail orders to a single customer in Quick Books Online

As you setup your Quickbooks Online (QBO) integration with RoasterTools, you will be asked to map all of your customers and products between the two platforms. During this process, you may want to link all of your retail orders from your ecommerce store, to a single customer in Quickbooks Online. This article will walk you through the steps you need to take to do that. 

1) First, you will need to create the customer in QBO. In this case, I created a customer called Ecommerce Orders, but you can name the customer anything you'd like.

2) Next, you will need to go to the Quickbooks Online Integration page in RoasterTools and update your settings. 

Integrations > QBO > Bulk Matching > Customers

From here, you can import your most recent data from QBO by pressing the Sync QBO Customers button. (This may take a few minutes to pull in your data).3) Once the latest list of QBO customers is synced with RoasterTools, you will need to head back to the Setup page. 

On the Setup page, you will click on the Ecommerce Order Exports tab, and select your designated ecommerce customer from the dropdown menu. Then, simply click the Update button to save your changes.

Once this is done, all of your imported Ecommerce orders will be synced with a single QBO customer. 

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