How to set up Quickbooks connection with Connex integration

If you are an existing Connex for Quickbooks user, please read these directions before proceeding!

RoasterTools integrates with Connex for Quickbooks so that you can automatically export your wholesale orders to your Quickbooks account.

The instructions below will help you create a basic connection between RoasterTools and Connex.

The beauty of Connex is the ability to customize how your orders will be imported into Quickbooks. You can select Sales Orders or Invoices or a number of other options. It's entirely up to you and how you need those orders to appear once imported.

Video overview

Step by step instructions

Initial Connection

  1. Click "Your Name" menu item, then select "Integrations"
  2. Click "Connex for Quickbooks" integration
  3. Click "Create a Connection"
  4. You will now see login details for your new Connex integration.
  5. Click the "Continue to Connex" button to open Connex in another tab.
  6. If you haven't already, sign up for a Connex trial and authorize a connection to your Quickbooks Online account.
  7. Click My Connections to view the page where you can add a new connection. 

8.  Select "RoasterTools" from the dropdown Solution Name menu.
9.  Enter in your Connex credentials and click "Submit"
10. You will then proceed to go through an initial setup.  
11.  You may return to these preference pages at any point by clicking on "My Connections", selecting an Existing Connection and clicking the "Configure" button.

Required settings on RoasterTools

In addition to the many custom options found on Connex, there are a few required settings to make your RoasterTools connection work on our side.

  1. Click "Your Name" menu item, then select "Integrations"
  2. Click "Quickbooks Online" integration to review the Integration settings

Select order status to export

You must select an order status to export, either

  • "None" - if you want to temporarily turn off order export
  • "Production" - orders currently in production. This setting also includes orders in the Shipped status.
  • "Shipped" - only orders in the Shipped status.

One caveat: if an order requires shipping via Shipstation, we do not export those orders until the shipping cost has been updated.

Select which stores to export

You may select wholesale orders from the "RoasterTools" store as well as orders imported from ecommerce platforms like your Shopify store. Any store that you are currently "importing" from in your ShipStation settings are available for export to Quickbooks.

We do recommend though that you begin initially with just wholesale orders and expand to external orders once you've got a handle on how they will be imported.

Order Previewer

If you want to see which orders may be exported, the Order Previewer is a handy feature.  

To access the order previewer, please follow these steps: 

  1. Login to Connex
  2. Click manage 
  3. On the left hand side of your screen, click order previewer
  4. Test out different status and store preferences on the integrations page inside of RoasterTools. 

For more information on the order previewer, please read THIS GUIDE.

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