Copying Existing Cloud Cart or Connex Connections

If you are a current Cloud Cart Connector or Connex user, you may have existing connection with your preferences complete and you may want to copy those to your new RoasterTools connection.

If you have an extra connection available (it depends upon your plan with Cloud Cart or Connex), then you can follow the directions below. If you don't, we recommend that you make a support request to JMA Technologies (the company behind Connex and Cloud Cart) to have them convert your connection type for you. You can email them at

Here's how if you have an open connection in your current plan:

  1. Log in
  2. Select "My Connections" from the header menu
  3. Select "Copy Existing Connection" from the three tabs
  4. Select the "Existing Connection" that you want to copy  

5.  Type in "RoasterTools" (or really anything) into the Connection Name
6.  Click "Copy"
7.  You will see an error popup that looks like this: 

8.  Click "Continue".  It will take you to the "Transaction Log" page.  That's OK!
9.  Click "My Connections"
10.  Select your custom store from the list.  I entered "RoasterTools" into the box, and Cloud Cart created a custom store with the URL ""  Select this store.  

11.  Click "Edit Login"

12.  Enter in your RoasterTools credentials, created on the Integrations page and click submit. 

13.  You should have all of your export preferences preserved, but now applied to a new connection that's directly to RoasterTools.  Please follow along with the rest of the Cloud Cart setup article and make sure that you enter in the "Required Settings" for RoasterTools to work.  

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