Cancelling Orders

RoasterTools now gives you the ability to cancel and restore Pending or Ready orders. When you cancel an order, its payment will automatically be refunded and the order will be added to your Canceled Orders list. 

If you would like to cancel a single order, please follow these steps. 

  1. Click on the drop down menu for that order
  2. Click "Cancel"
  3. A warning will pop up asking if you are sure you want to cancel this order and explaining that the payment will be refunded
  4. Click OK to continue
  5. The order is now canceled and can be found in your Cancelled tab. 

If you would like to batch cancel orders, please follow these steps:

  1. Select the orders you'd like to cancel
  2. Open your Batch Actions menu
  3. Click Cancel
  4. Once again, a warning will pop up asking if you'd like to proceed

Once your orders have been cancelled, they can be found under your cancelled tab.  If you would like to restore these orders, simple do the same steps in reverse. 

  1. Select the order or orders you'd like to restore
  2. Open the Batch Action menu or the drop down menu for that order
  3. Click Restore

Once restored, the orders will appear in your Ready Orders tab. 

If you have any questions, you can reach us anytime at

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