How to approve Pending orders received from the Wholesale Portal

Congrats - you just received an order from your Wholesale Portal.  You now need to "approve" this order before it can be made available for your next Production Run.

Reviewing and approving a single Pending orders

Your portal orders will initially be set to a Pending status, which requires you to review these orders before they are available to be added to a production run.  You will find Pending orders on the Orders page by clicking on the "Pending" tab.  

Click this tab, and you will see a list of Pending orders created on the portal and a new "Review" button that's only available for Pending orders.

After clicking the "Review" button, you are shown an invoice. At the bottom of the invoice, you can then "Edit" the order in the left corner or "Approve" the order so that it can be added to production in the right corner.

You're able to edit the portal order - before it's approved - just like any other new order. You can change shipping options, apply a new discount, update the roast date, etc.

Batch approving Pending orders

In addition to approving one order at a time, you can also approve many orders at once.  

  1. Select the orders that you want to approve in the Orders page
  2. Click "Batch Actions" at the top of the page, and select "Approve Orders"
  3. Your approved orders are now available on the "Ready" tab, and can be added to a Production Run.

Create a production run

You create a production as you normally would, but you'll notice that some orders will be listed with

while others will be listed with

It may be useful to review which sales channel created the order, and to ensure that you don't have multiple orders from the same customer.

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