How to add customers to RoasterTools

You have two options for getting your customers into RoasterTools: bulk import via CSV or adding customers one at a time via the app. It doesn't make a difference which method you use, as both end in the same result: customers you can sell to via RoasterTools!

We often see that roasters with less than 50 customers will consider adding one customer at a time. Over 50, and they often use their accounting platform to export the data, transfer it to our CSV format and upload their list in bulk.

Adding customers one at a time

  1. Click "Customers" menu, select "Customers" sub-menu item
  2. Click "+ New Customer"
  3. Complete the form
  4. Click "Create Customer" button at the bottom of the screen
  5. Repeat!

Adding customers via CSV importer

  1. Download a blank CSV template file from your Account Settings Visit Scroll down to "Bulk Customer Update"Click "Download CSV"
  2. Complete each of the required sections (marked by an *), with each customer on a separate lineIf you already have data in your accounting app that you'd like to transfer, you can download an Excel or CSV file of your customers and copy/paste to the RoasterTools version.
  3. Once complete, return to Account Settings page
  4. Scrolling back down to "Bulk Customer Update" section
  5. Click "Upload CSV"
  6. You will receive a confirmation email detailing whether your upload was successful

We recommend that you review your customers at the end of the creation process, just to make sure that you didn't make any crucial mistakes! 

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