Deactivating Old Customers and Products

Over time, you may have some old customers that you no longer sell to or products you no longer offer. In these cases, you may want to delete them from your RoasterTools account.

In RoasterTools, products and customers are either listed as active or inactive. This allows users to remove products and customers from their active lists, without actually deleting their data. 

When you open either your customers or products menus, you will see a list of your active and inactive customers or products. The default list is your active list. To access your inactive list, you will need to click on the number 

If you would like to deactivate a customer or product, or reactivate a disabled customer or product, simply open their settings page and check or uncheck the active box at the top of the page and save your settings.

Once the customer has been deactivated, they will be removed from your active list and added to your inactive list. Conversely, if you are reactivating a customer or product, they will immediately be re-added to your active list after your settings are saved. 

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