Accounting SKUs 101

**Note: If you are using our direct integration with Quickbooks Online, you will not need to use the Accounting SKU process outlined here.

If you use CloudCartConnector, Connex or Connex for Xero, you may need to match RoasterTools products to existing products on your accounting platform.  

Otherwise, those integrations will try to map the SKU used on RoasterTools (e.g. COFFEE--WB-12OZ) to existing item names on your accounting platform.

How to update an Accounting SKU

You have two options to add these external item names to RoasterTools.  You can edit one product at a time via the product's edit page, or you can edit many products at once using the Product CSV.

Edit via Product Page

After connecting to one of the three external accounting integrations, you will see a new field in each product page for each variant's Accounting SKU:

Add the name for your item in your accounting platform in this column.  Be sure to click Update Product at the bottom of the page!

Edit via the Products CSV

After connecting to one of the three external accounting integrations, follow these steps to update via the Product CSV:

  1. Click Your Name > Settings > Import & Export > Products > Download CSV
  2. Update the Accounting SKU column for each variant with the item name from your accounting platform
  3. Save as CSV file
  4. Using the same Import & Export tab, click Upload CSV to upload your newly update file
  5. You should receive an email that outlines whether your upload is successful
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