Importing Trade Orders

If you sell coffee via Trade, you now have the ability to import these orders to your RoasterTools account via a CSV file. To do this, please follow the steps: 

  1. Download a CSV file of your existing products in RoasterTools. You can do so by visiting the Update Products tab and clicking the Download CSV button. 
  2. Create an alternate SKU to a particular size combo for the products you sold on Trade from your Trade Batch CSV.  Your alternate SKU is a combination of product_name, size and grind_type from the Trade CSV. 

    These values (from the Trade CSV) are combined with a "-" between them.  An example may be Hawthorne House Blend that is sold in a 12oz bag, whole bean only.  Such a coffee may have values in those three columns like so: Hawthorne House Blend | 12 oz | whole, and be combined as an alternate SKU as "Hawthorne House Blend-12 oz-whole".
  3.  Open the CSV of your products and add a new alternate SKU to the SKU1 column, or the SKU2 column if the SKU1 column already contains data. Then, save your sheet as a new CSV. (To learn more about editing your SKU's via CSV in RoasterTools, please check out This Article.)
  4. Re-upload your products CSV to RoasterTools with your new SKU data. This will complete the matching process from Trade to RoasterTools and allow us to match all the orders you received in Trade to the right products in RoasterTools. You should only need to map products to their Trade partner once.

Now that you have mapped your Trade products with your RoasterTools products, it is time to import your orders. To begin, make sure you are on the Import Trade Orders page from the Settings menu, seen below: 

Select the customer you would like the new imported orders to be assigned to. All of the orders you import will be assigned to this customer. If you would like to import orders for multiple customers, you will need to do so one at a time, or simply create a new customer called "Trade Orders," and import them under that customer. 

  1.  Upload the CSV you downloaded from Trade to RoasterTools. (This import will roll up those three columns into one 'psuedo' SKU, and attempt to find its match with a product on your account. In the example above, it will search for "Hawthorne House Blend-12 oz-WB").
  2. Your orders will then be added to your orders page under the Pending tab. All of the invoices will be assigned to the customer you selected in Step 1
  3. You may see two options for how you would like the import to process the Batch:
    1. Single order? You can choose to have each Trade order imported on its own, or roll them up into a single 'main' order for the Batch.
    2. Roll up line items? Rolling up line items is useful if you want to see just a sum of each variant, rather than each line item broken out on its own.  It's especially useful with Single Orders.  
  4. You will receive an email from RoasterTools detailing the success/failures of your import.

This seems like a long process, but it should really only take around 20 minutes. If it takes any longer, please reach out to us at for help. 

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