How to import orders with SKUs generated outside of RoasterTools

In this process, you will add a column to the Product CSV with external SKUs and upload that updated CSV back into RoasterTools.  

Here are the steps:

  1. Download the product CSV from the Settings > Import & Export > Update Products
  2. Add your external SKUs to the column "SKU1" in the CSV that you downloaded
  3. Upload the CSV back into RoasterTools on the same page that you downloaded from

A couple tips on doing this successfully:

  • We recommend using Google Sheets to edit your CSV file, as some users report issues with other applications.  Just be sure that you download as CSV.
  • After adding SKUs, remove any rows that do not require a SKU update.  It speeds up the upload, and makes it clearer what you're updating.
  • You can only have one external SKU per RT variant.  If we are importing XYZ-BLEND, it can only be associated with one product/variant on RT.
  • If you need to have multiple external SKUs, then you can add a new column called 'SKU2', and keep adding as necessary.  We most often see this when selling through multiple channels, and needing to have different SKUs on each.  If I were you, I'd keep the SKUs the same across the board, but some folks go down that path!

A quick video on editing in Google Sheets:

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