How to invite a customer to use your wholesale portal

Your wholesale portal is the easiest way to ensure your customers can place their orders easily 24 hours a day.  It takes just moments to invite a customer, so that they can log into your customized wholesale store.

Step One - Enable Portal Access for a Customer

  1. Click on "Customers" from the main menu
  2. Scroll to the customer that you'd like to invite into your wholesale portal.  You can also use CTRL  + F  or COMMAND + F  to use your browser's search feature to find a customer quickly.   
  3. Click the "Enable" toggle for that customer

Step Two - [Optional] Send an Invite Email to Create Password

Immediately after you enable a wholesale customer to access the portal, you're given the opportunity to send them an invite to create their password.  

By clicking on the "Send Email" link, RoasterTools will then send them an invite email similar to this (with your branding at the top, of course!):

If this customer decides to not accept the invite, they can still access the portal without setting a password by clicking on a link in an automatic outreach email.  

The link included in the outreach emails will automatically log in a customer.  

Step Three - [Optional] Assign customer to an Outreach plan

RoasterTools can automate your weekly outreach for this customer based upon their assigned production schedule.  As part of enabling a customer to access the portal, you may want to also consider assigning the customer to a weekly outreach plan.  

You can learn more about how to do this by reviewing our help articles on Outreach [link].

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