Partial ShipStation Imports

*This is a BETA feature. Please contact if you would like early access. 

RoasterTools recently created a new feature to allow you to import partial orders from ShipStation. This feature is designed to fix a problem where an entire order will fail to import if a single item is not recognized. 

Now, if a single item is not recognized, RoasterTools will still import the order as a Pending order, and allow your team to make any edits necessary, before approving the order and moving it to a Ready state. This feature is designed to make the importing process easier and to give you more control over your workflow.

Here's how it works: 

When you use the Import Orders button, RoasterTools will go through the same process of using the product SKUs to find the products and populate the orders. If, the system cannot find a SKU, then RoasterTools will tag the order and import as a pending order rather than failing the import. 

When the order is imported, you will be notified that it needs to be edited before being approved by this Alert icon:

This Icon is meant to signal to your team that the order has not been imported in its entirety, and it needs to be edited before being approved. To do this, your team will need to find the original order and add the missing items to the order. If the items do not exist in your RoasterTools account, then you will need to either create the items and then add them, or simply approve the order and move it forward without those items. 

Here are the catches:

  1. Your import emails will just say Success, like normal, so keep an eye out for orders in Pending. When you click on a Pending order, you'll see an Icon that will alert you to the fact that you'll need to edit the order, before Approving it.
  2. On the edit screen, we'll display what didn't import. You can either go create the product (if needed) and/or add it to the order.
  3. If the order only has products that the app doesn't recognize, then the order will not import. :(
  4. Use this as a reminder to go sync those product SKUs, so that these failures/partial imports don't continue!

If you have any questions, please reach out to and we will gladly answer them as best we can!

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