Sync an order to ShipStation on demand

You can now export an order to ShipStation that was previously set to a shipping method that didn't require a shipping label, or did not go through production at all (archived order).

You will be able to sync these orders as long as one of these conditions is met:

  • marked as fulfilled in a production run (basically means that all items are marked as fulfilled)
  • OR you skipped production / marked it as archived

You can find the command to 'Sync to ShipStation' either on the Orders list, by clicking on the dropdown: 

OR you can view an individual invoice and do it there at the bottom of the screen:

If you want the shipping cost to update, please change the shipping method to something that requires a shipping label first, and then 'Sync with ShipStation'.  

It'll then update the shipping cost like normal.  

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