How to Use Catalogs to Limit Wholesale Portal Products

Sometimes you need to limit the products that a customer can view on the Wholesale Portal.

You can use Catalogs to create a selection of products. You can assign a catalog to a customer, thus allowing you to tailor your customer's Wholesale Portal experience.

Creating a Catalog

  1. Select Sales > Catalogs. 
  2. Click + New Catalog in the top right corner.
  3. Name your catalog.
  4. Assign products to your catalog.
  5. Assign customers to the catalog.

How do Exclusive Products & Catalogs work together?

Products that are made exclusive to your specific customer are automatically available in a customer's portal, even if not explicitly added to the customer's catalog.  

If a product is exclusive to customer A, but is part of a catalog assigned to Customer B, Customer B will not be shown the exclusive product on the catalog.

Put simply: if a customer shouldn't see a product because it isn't available to them (whether not part of the catalog, or assigned to another customer exclusively), then they won't see it. 

Previewing a customer's available products

It can get confusing to know what exactly is available given this mix of exclusive products and catalog products, so you can preview a customer's available products on by clicking on their name in the Customers page.

Products with a "Star" are exclusive to that customer.  Products with a "Check Mark" are widely available.

You will also see on this same section a list of Catalog products that are not available because they are exclusive to other customers or perhaps are not available on the Portal.   

You can click on those product names to investigate why that product is not available!

Known Gotchas & Issues

[Product XYZ] is listed as available, but isn't my product showing up in the customer's portal.  What's happening?

It's likely because while the product is active and available on the Portal, there may not be a variant (a combination of bag and grind) that is both 'active' and 'available' on the portal.

We recommend reviewing the product first, to make sure that the bag/grind combination is marked active and has a price.  If it looks good there, you'll next want to make sure that neither the Grind nor Bag are not available on the Portal or exclusive to another customer.

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