Change Guide to the *New* Wholesale Portal

What's Changed in with the V2 Release

Updated Product Descriptions and Images
Products now have a "short description" that can be used for tasting notes for coffee.  You can also upload an image for each product that will be shown on the portal.

You may notice cleaner organization while creating or editing a product as descriptions and other attributes are grouped together.   As part of this rearranging, a new "Portal" section has been added where you can toggle overall portal access for this product as well as the ability to make it exclusive to one or more customers.

Portal Access & Subdomain Setting

Inside your Account Settings, you now have the ability to turn on the wholesale portal for your account and set a custom subdomain for your wholesale portal.  

Customer Portal Access w/ Customer Logins
After turning on the wholesale portal, you can now invite individual wholesale customers to set up a password to login for your wholesale portal.  Previously, your customers could only access the portal via an outreach email.

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