Order Minimums


If you would like access to this feature, please contact RoasterTools support. To learn more about contacting RoasterTools support click here.

In RoasterTools, you now have the ability to set a minimum order-weight for your online portal in coffee items. When enabled, customers will have to meet a pre-determined weight, in lbs, before they can submit an order. 

You can customize the weight of your order minimum from your settings page. 

  1. Open your Settings page
  2. Select the Sales tab
  3. Open the Order Minimum Weight menu
  4. Enter in your preferred minimum weight in lbs
  5. Save your changes by clicking Update Minimum Weight.

NOTE: If the minimum order weight is set to 0 lbs, your customer will have to order at least 1 coffee product in order to "check out."

Once your minimum weight is set, you will need to enable it for specific customers. By default, no customer will have access to the order minimum feature unless they are manually edited.

  1. Find the customer you would like to give access to this feature
  2. Click Edit customer
  3. Scroll to their Outreach and Portal section
  4. Check the box indicating that the Customer must meet the minimum weight to submit their order 
  5. Save your changes

NOTE: You do not have the ability to change the order minimum per customer. Each customer that has this feature enabled must meet the same order minimum requirements. 

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