How to create a roast

In RoasterTools, every coffee product will need to have a roast that tells RoasterTools which green coffee or pre-blend will be roasted and how much weight loss can be expected during the roast.

To create a new Roast just follow these steps

  1. Open the Products menu
  2. Click on the Roasts tab
  3. Click "Create New Roast"
  4. Select the pre-blend or green coffee you would like to use in your roast (Remember: You can only select a pre-blend or a green coffee, not both)
  5. Enter the expected weight loss for this batch
  6. Define the batch constraints of your coffee roaster by inputting a minimum and maximum value, or simply define it as constant and input a single value. RoasterTools will use this information to tell you how many batches of green coffee are needed to fill an order. 

To learn more about the difference between "Roasts" and "Products," check out this article.

Note: You can create as many products with unique names as you need, all that use the same roast or blend.  You can then update the single roast that powers all of these products in one place, and all associated products will use the changed roast on the next production run.

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