Test Mode for Customer Emails

Test Mode redirects the following customer emails when enabled:

  • Final Invoice
  • Order Confirmations 
  • Outreach / Order Prompts
  • Portal Invites

It is especially useful to turn on Test Mode during your initial setup of RoasterTools, and when testing the wholesale portal for the first time.  

Instead of routing these emails to the customer, you will receive the email at your  Sales Department Email that's specified in the Account Settings.

Redirected emails will start with "TEST" in the subject line, and often include additional information about who the intended recipient is.  

An example subject from a Test Mode email:

You will know that you are in "Test Mode" by the yellow banner at the bottom left of the app:

This yellow banner disappears when you disable Test Mode in your Account Settings.

How to enable Test Mode 

You can enable Test Mode in your Account Settings by scrolling to the Test Mode section, and clicking on the toggle.  

You will see the email that will receive these customer emails in the explainer text to the left.  If you need to update that email - which is also used as the 'from' address for outgoing emails to customers - scroll to the top of the page and the first section labeled Company Information.

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