Adding and Managing Users in your RoasterTools account

One of the first recommended steps for getting on board with RoasterTools is to add additional team members to the account.  

To add a new user, simply visit your team page.

The team page can be accessed from your your settings menu here: 

From the team page, the account admin has the ability to add new users and deactivate old users. To add new users, simply type in an email address, and your teammate will receive an email with a sign up link. 

Each account is limited to a certain amount of active users. The number of active users each account has available is dependent on the plan size. To see how many available invites you have look here:

To deactivate a teammate's access, or re-enable a teammate's access, simply click on the disable access or enable access buttons to the right of their name. Disabled users do not count against your existing user count. 

It is important to note that only an Admin has the ability to add new teammates and disable existing teammates. 

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