Batch Task in Production Runs

Batch Task

You're probably going to start with the Batch task, as it's required to populate your Weigh and Roast tasks.  

The Batch task is where you plan your exact batches for this Production Run, while ensuring that you produce enough coffee to fulfill all of your orders.  

Let's identify the key headers and what they mean:

  1. Roast: Under Roast you will see a list of roasts sorted by green or pre-blended coffee.  
  2. Target Green: You must create batches that total at least this amount to ensure having enough roasted coffee to fulfill orders.
  3. Roasted Carryover: You may elect to roast more than is required, or a batch minimum may force you to have a projected "Roasted Carryover".  You can use this column to forecast how much roasted carryover you'll have given the batches you've planned, and what is required to fulfill orders on the Production Run.
  4. Batches: Total number of planned batches for this particular roast.  
  5. Min / Max Amounts:  You set a minimum and a maximum batch size when you created each roast.  One tip is that you can click on these minimum and maximum amounts to prefill the batch box (#6 in the image above).  If you have a constant batch size, your minimum and maximum will be the same amount.
  6. Batch Box:  You can enter any amount, even an amount less than or greater than the minimum/maximum for this particular roast, in the Batch box.  Press the "+" button to create a batch of this size.  
  7. Planned Batches: If you've planned one or more batches, they will show up to the right of the Batch Box.  Your Planned Batches are what shows up as tasks in the Weigh and Roast tab.

You can also Auto Batch the entire run by clicking the button in the top right, which will attempt to create the most efficient Production Run with the fewest batches and the smallest amount of Carryover.  

You can delete or add additional batches as needed after using Auto Batch.

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