Weigh Task in Production Runs

Weigh Task

The batches created on the Batch task are now represented as tasks to be completed on the Weigh tab.  This tab allows you to track whether each batch was weighed out (in green, unroasted coffee!) prior to roasting.

Your batches to be weighed are sorted by green coffee or pre-blend, so that you can weigh out all of the roasts for a particular green/pre-blend at the same time.  

Pre-blended coffees break down your blend needs by green coffee both as a percentage and per batch, so that it's easier to weigh out your batches accurately.

It's common in small to medium-sized roasteries to assign weighing out green for each batch to someone on your team that will not be the person roasting.  A production assistant or assistant roaster.  You can use the Weigh tab to assign these tasks to that person and track what's been done.

If you weigh out just prior to roasting, you may want to mark this task as all done using the button in the upper right.

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