Label Task in Production Runs

Label Task

You likely need to apply labels to stock bags to prep for the products sold on a Production Run, or pull from backstock of pre-printed bags.  Or you may actually print those labels using a printer like a Primera.  Or all three. 

The Label tab helps to answer the question of how many labels you'll need for each product by bag size/style.  

In the initial view, it's sorted first by bag size (e.g. "12oz" in the example below) and then by product (e.g. "Guatemala Coop Rio Azul, Ethiopia Natural Galena Abaya...etc.").  

You'll notice that the "Bag" view is highlighted in blue above "12oz" on the page below, indicating that the initial view is the "Bag" view for the Label task.

You'll notice in the image above that in addition to the quantity of bags needed, it also specifies the grind type for that quantity.  It's especially useful if you sell ground coffee as you can label those bags to be ground as they are prepped.  

A small sticker or custom mark on each bag to be ground applied at this stage in the process can help prevent shipping orders out whole bean that should be ground!

You can also flip the view to sort by Product rather than Bag, which is useful for double checking your initial preparations before proceeding.  

After switching to the Product view in the Label task, prep the bags by bag size as described above, then physically combine the bags by product instead of by bag size.  

You'll find this resorting to be useful as production progresses, since you will be ready to package a coffee right as it comes off the roaster...since all of our bags for that particular coffee are in one pile.  

It's useful to do a high level check when you have resorted your bags by product by double counting the total bags needed for each product, and confirming that these are prepped.  You will save a lot of time later in the process if your bags are ready to be filled as the coffee comes off the cooling tray!

Here is what you will see for the product view:  

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