Grind Task in Production Runs

Use the Grind task to ensure that ground coffees never leave the roastery as whole bean again!

Don't grind your coffee?  No problem!  You'll never see this task.  You will also not see this task if there are no ground bags on this production run.  Less (mental) clutter!

Use the Grind task whether you grind one bag at a time or you grind bulk coffee before distributing to bags via a weigh and fill.  

One bag at a time

You'll likely have your production set up to flow from the roaster to a blending area (if needed) to a final packaging station.  If you grind your coffee, it's best to wait to seal bags before consulting the Grind task.  

So your production flow would go:

Roast ==> Blend (if necessary) ==> Bag (using bags prepped on the Label task) ==> Grind ==> Seal ==> Fulfill ==> Ship

Pro tip: place a sticker / symbol / something physically on the bag during the label phase to signify that the bag needs to be ground.  Keep it simple, and build in redundancy to prevent those bags from ever shipping whole bean.  

It costs a lot of money to ship another box to a customer...just because they have whole bean coffee that they didn't order and can't use.  

Bulk grind

Use the totals at the top of each roast to set aside the coffee needed for each grind type.   You can then efficiently grind before bagging up using a weigh and fill or something similar.

Your production flow for bulk ground coffees would be:

Roast ==> Blend (if necessary) ==> Grind ==> Bag (using bags prepped on the Label task) ==> Seal ==> Fulfill ==> Ship

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