Use the Production Planner to plan weekly production.

Assign customers to one or more production days to simplify weekly production, and set up your sales efforts

You can use the Production Planner to easily assign a customer to one or more production days, and review the projected capacity (in pounds) for a day given the customers assigned to the day.  

Once a customer is assigned to a production day, its next order will be automatically created with the next available production day - whether today or a day in the future.  

An order placed on Sunday will be automatically scheduled for Tuesday if a customer has a Tuesday / Friday schedule.  Auto scheduling helps to balance weekly production.

How to assign a customer to one (or more) days

  1. Use the search tool or scroll in the list of unassigned customers to find the customer you would like to assign.
  2. Click and hold while dragging the customer to the intended day.

How to assign a customer to more than one day

  1. Click the caret to expand its data section and drag the customer to a second day:

Reviewing daily production averages

Once you drag a wholesale customer onto a day, the daily total will update to show the number of pounds roasted over the previous 4 weeks by the selected customers on that day.  

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