How to Assign Customers to Roast Days

Want to know who to contact, based upon your production schedule?  How about automatically selecting a roast date, based upon the customer when you create a new order?

You can now assign a customer to one or more roast days:

  1. Click "Customers" menu, select "Customers" sub-menu item.  
  2. Click "edit" on the customer you'd like to assign to a roast day.
  3. Scroll down to the section called "Roast Day(s)"
  4. Select one or more days that you want to assign this customer's production to.

  5. Click "Save"

How will this help manage sales?  

  • New orders will select the next roast day, automatically!  If today is a roast day, it will select today.
    • This includes orders placed through the Portal!
  • Use the "Sales" dashboard feature to see which customers have ordered, and which haven't - based upon roast day!  You can change the day of the week easily to see the orders for the next week.  

  • You can add a phone number to the shipping address in your customer to make that display on this call list.  

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