Introduction to the Wholesale Portal

It's normal to call your customers each week, to play telephone tag and hope you catch the right person to get an order.  Or you wait for texts that may or may not arrive.  Or someone emails with just one line that says "same as last time". 

It makes it difficult, almost impossible at times, to plan production and finish on time.  

We built our wholesale portal to automate that weekly outreach so that you can collect your orders minus the craziness.

Below, we give you an overview of the portal, how to get started so you can begin the process of automating your weekly outreach.

Portal Overview

Email with link

At the heart of the portal are automatic emails that contain unique links for each customer, allowing them to log in order to place an order without entering a username or password.  

Reminder emails are sent automatically each week on Sunday at 2am PT, with plans to allow that to be customizable per customer account in future iterations.

Currently, these links are the easiest way to log into the portal.

Place order

The unique links sent to each customer logs them into the wholesale portal, and loads their previous order automatically.  In our experience, most weekly orders are similar without being identical. 

Your customer can then edit quantities, delete items, or add new items to the order.  

It's our goal to allow customers to place an order within 60 seconds or less, all from a mobile device.  Starting with the previous order is the perfect foundation.

Get confirmation

After your customer places a successful order, they immediately see an on-screen order confirmation.  Additionally, they will receive an order confirmation by email.

Instant order confirmations close the feedback loop, so that orders can be corrected before going to production rather than afterwards.

Happy customer

A percentage, though perhaps all, of your customers will want to use the portal.  It's designed to be easier, simpler and quicker than the alternative: remembering to order coffee each and every week.

How to get started using the portal

The portal is simple to set up, and only adds one critical step to your daily production process.  Read on for the instructions!

Invite customers by sending prompt email

Your portal already on, so your first (and only) step is to initiate the weekly email for appropriate customers.  This email contains the special link that enables your customers to log into their accounts with their previous order preloaded.  

You can find out how to do that by viewing this  help article.

Review pending orders

Your portal orders will initially be set to a Pending status, which requires you to review these orders before they are available to be added to a production run.  

Click this tab, and you will see a list of Pending orders created on the portal and a new "Review" button that's only available for Pending orders.

After clicking the "Review" button, you are shown an invoice.  At the bottom of the invoice, you can then "Edit" the order in the left corner or "Approve" the order so that it can be added to production in the right corner.

You're able to edit the portal order - before it's approved - just like any other new order.  You can change shipping options, apply a new discount, update the roast date, etc. 

Create a production run

You create a production as you normally would, but you'll notice that some orders will be listed with 

  while others will be listed with  

It may be useful to review which sales channel created the order, and to ensure that you don't have multiple orders from the same customer. 

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