How to connect your Stripe account to RoasterTools

Want to be able to take payment from within RoasterTools, including both credit cards and ACH payments for US-based customers?  You can with our Stripe integration!  

Stripe is an amazing payment processing service that powers many of the biggest websites around, and makes it easy to accept payments from your customers.  Setup takes just a few minutes. 

Simply click  Your Name > Account Settings and scroll down to the blue Stripe button.  Click the blue "Connect to Stripe" button. 

You will be taken to the Stripe site, where you can log in if you already have a Stripe account.  You can find a small 'log in' link on the top right of the screen. 

If you don't have an account (or simply want another to keep wholesale payments separate), signing up is free and takes just a few minutes.
After authorizing RoasterTools to create payments on your behalf, you'll be returned to the Account Settings screen where you'll see a confirmation page.  Your next step is to add a credit card to a customer's account by editing a customer.  
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