How RoasterTools tracks and uses carryover

Carryover is the leftover bulk coffee from a production run.  It's pretty common to carryover that coffee until the next roast day to offset future orders.  RoasterTools tracks bulk carryover left in bins until the next roast day. 

You'll create carryover when the amount of coffee ordered is less than a minimum batch size.  Or perhaps you've made an adjustment to the production run to intentionally create carryover to be used for late orders.

Whatever the reason, RoasterTools makes this type of complex math pretty easy!  Read on to understand how we track and use carryover.

When is carryover created?

You create roast carryover (not to be confused by blend carryover, explained below) when you mark roasts as complete in the Roast task, and those roasts exceed what is needed to fulfill the orders for that coffee on a production run.  

Your roast carryover is available immediately, even if the production run is not complete.

You create  blend carryover when your mark your blends as complete in the Blend task, and the amount blended exceeds what is needed to fulfill the orders for that coffee on a production run. 

It's important to note that in order to create carryover for a post-roast blend, RoasterTools first creates carryover for the particular roasts that are components in that blend and then consumes that carryover when it is actually blended. 

When is carryover consumed in a production run?

As you create a production run, the system reviews the available carryover and reserves both individual roasts and finished post-roast blends to offset what is needed for that day's orders.

RoasterTools uses the following order when processing your available carryover:

  1. Post-roast blends 
  2. Roasts for blends
  3. Roasts

Let's dive into what this means:  

First, the system looks at your available post-roast blends and reduces your ordered amount by whatever is available as carryover.  

Second, the system will assemble an entire post-roast blend from the available components.  It's pretty typical to use carryover coffees for blends, so we've baked that logic into the app.

Third, the system offsets any individual roasts with the remaining carryover. 

What if you have more available carryover than needed for an entire production run?

You still create a production run, but it will not create the Batch, Weigh or Roasts tasks.  You don't need them because you don't need to roast to fulfill the orders.

You still need to package, possibly blend and fulfill those orders - so your production run still includes those key tasks. 

Your team can still run production using the same systems they do every other day, even when all of the orders will be fulfilled by carryover coffee.

What if you have more available carryover than needed for just a roast or blend?

No problem!  Your production run will simply show those items with 0 for the "Target Green" in the Batch task.

How do I adjust carryover before running a production run?

It happens all of the time.  You have too much coffee on a Friday, and somehow it disappears by Monday morning.  

No problem, you can edit carryover by clicking Production > Carryover:

Please note that if you adjust carryover after a production run is created, your production run will not reflect the change.  It uses whatever numbers were available when the production run was created.

You must delete a production run and recreate it to use adjusted carryover amounts.

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