How to set up RoasterTools stores on ShipStation

In order to export orders that need a shipping label into ShipStation from RoasterTools, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Log into your ShipStation account.  If you don't have an account, you can sign up at
  2. Click the gear icon that represents Account Settings in the upper right corner of your screen:

  3. Click "Selling Channels" and select "Store setup" 

  4. Click "Connect a store or marketplace"

  5. You'll need to create a "ShipStation" store.   Search for "ShipStation" or scroll down to choose that from the list of marketplaces.
  6. Create a store named "RoasterTools"   

    This store is for exporting orders that need a shipping label.   Be sure to uncheck the "Automatically generate order numbers to new manual orders" checkbox!After you click connect, you will see a series of tabs that will allow you to customize how labels are created for this store.  It is a good time to edit your company information and to just review these tabs.  

    Once you are done, click "Save Changes" to return to the previous menu.

  7. Do you have your RoasterTools store set up in ShipStation?  If so, log into RoasterTools

  8. Inside of RoasterTools, click on Your Name > Integrations.  Select the ShipStation integration.

  9. Click "Refresh Store List" if you do not see your new "RoasterTools" store.

  10. Select "RoasterTools" as the Shipping Export option.

  11. Click "Update Settings"

  12. Your account will now export shippable orders automatically to the "RoasterTools" store when approving a production run.  Shippable orders are those orders that have a delivery method with that's been checked off to "Create Shipping Label in ShipStation?".

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