Frequently Asked Questions in Operations


Can I track inventory for non-coffee items, like t-shirts?
Yes!  Fulfilling an item removes that item from your inventory.  

Can I import green coffee inventory from external systems?
Coming soon.  Please share an example CSV or Excel spreadsheet with to ensure that your system is supported.
Will inventory update availability on our wholesale portal?
This feature is under consideration.
Can inventory go negative?
Yes.  You can always make an adjustment later that updates your inventory to reflect reality.
Can I set a par level for certain inventory items?
This feature is under consideration.
Can I track inventory for bags and labels?
Coming soon.


Why isn’t Demand updating?
Demand automatically updates every one or five minutes, depending upon your plan level. How do I know when Demand was last calculated?
You can hover over many Demand indicators to see when that particular type of Demand was last calculated, or the system indicator to see when Demand was calculated overall.


Can I change the quantity of a task? 
Unfortunately, you can't.  But you can delete a task, and create another with the right quantity.   Can I assign tasks to a teammate?
This feature is under consideration.

Can I print a task list?
Yes!  Each task page has an icon to print tasks. 

Why is my task orange?  Subtasks explained
Certain tasks have subtasks that can actually be marked as complete on another page.  Package is a great example, as the associated Label task can be marked as complete and it will update the subtask of the Package step and turn that task orange.  Here's a short video showing you how this works, with two windows side by side so that you can see the changes happening in each page:

Why aren’t my orders exporting to ShipStation?
Unlike with Production Runs, you must manually export orders to ShipStation using a new page.  The process takes seconds, and the link can be found in the Daily Operations Checklist.

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