Introduction to Tasks in Operations

Tasks help you and your team know exactly what needs to be accomplished each day to fulfill orders.   Marking a task as complete creates inventory by using recipes to transform ingredients into something new.

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What is an Auto Plan?

Auto Plan is an easy and automatic way to quickly create enough tasks that ensure that you can fulfill your orders on time.  It’s an automatic process that starts with orders that are scheduled to be fulfilled today, and then works down to generate what needs to be roasted, blended and finally packaged to fulfill outstanding orders.  

I don’t need to auto plan everything.  How can I plan for a single thing?

You can create a single task inside of the respective Task pages.  Demand for an individual item (e.g. a single Roast) is coming in a future release.   

AutoPlan isn’t planning exact batches like Production Runs.  Why not?

Task creation is using a new algorithm that plans as many of the largest batches as possible, and the remainder in a single final batch.  This updated process makes it easier to update the plan when Demand changes, because you just need to delete the last (smallest-sized) batch and add more batches as necessary. 

We are planning to introduce stairstep batch sizes in a future release, which will complement this strategy - where you can specify either a max / min, or a list of set points for preconfigured batch sizes (e.g. 15 lb, 28 lb and 50 lb - with the 50 lb batches being planned first, then using the remainder to plan 28lb and so on).

How can I create a single task?

Our recommendation is to create tasks using the AutoPlan feature, which will look through all of your demand across and plan tasks accordingly.  
You can also create tasks inside of each Task page one at a time, though we recommend that this is reserved for fine tuning your day’s Operations plan rather than creating all of the tasks that are needed, as it’ll take too long for *most* roasters.  

Can I delete a task?

Yes!  You can delete a task whether it was created by you, a teammate or the AutoPlan.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tasks

What happens to tasks that are left undone at the end of the day?

They are carried over to the next day.

Can I assign a task?

Not at this time, but this is planned in a future update to Operations.  

How do I know that there are planned Tasks yet to be completed? 

Planned tasks that are yet to be completed are bold in the task list.  

Can I still complete all?

Yes, you can "Select All"  tasks and click the "Mark as complete" button.  Or prior to selecting any tasks or line items, you can click the options dropdown to "Mark all as selected".  

How about printing a task list?

Printing is planned in a future release.  Please contact Support to add your request for this feature!

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