Complete Guide to Bundle Products

A bundle is a powerful tool to streamline both your sales process, as well as your production process.  It basically allows you to sell one item that may represent one or more other items.  

How to set up your first bundle

  1. Click the "Products" menu item, then select "Products"

  2. Click "+ New Product", then "Bundle"

  3. Complete the new bundle page (details below)

New "Bundle" form

  1. Grind - You can only set one grind option per bundle.  In other words, if you have multiple coffees in a bundle, all coffees must have the same grind setting.  It's best, then, to choose your grind setting first before adding products.
  2. Product Variant - Search in this field to select the product variant (the combination of size and item, for example) that you want to add to the bundle
  3. Quantity - You must enter at least 1 for the quantity of an item.  If you had a case of a single coffee, say a case of a retail bag, then you may want to enter 12 for the quantity.
  4. Price - You need to manually enter the price, since you may want to bundle products at a discount, or a premium, off of the total of the bundle components.  For reference, the total component price is listed below.  
  5. Weight - The total weight of the bundles must also be entered.

Confused?  Let's dive into some common examples of how you can use the bundle product type:

Common Bundle Examples

Subscriptions with Rotating Coffees

Many roasters offer a subscription that rotates what coffee is included on a monthly basis. The benefit of creating a bundle product for this is that you will map to your subscription product from your ecommerce platform to the product in RoasterTools only one time.

Within the bundled product, you can update what coffee is on currently being offered in the subscription as it changes. This will ensure that the correct coffee is added into your production needs. Again, your online SKU remains consistent and you're only managing which coffee you're producing in RoasterTools.

Let's dive in!

Step 1.

Select Inventory > Products > New Product > Bundle

(see above for more detailed instructions)

Step 2.

Create the Bundle. See instructions below.

Note: If you don't offer this to your wholesale customers (most likely you don't) you will want to mark this product as Not Available on the Portal

Step 3

Changing your coffee offering. When you are ready to change our your current coffee you will go back into the product and and delete the current offering and update it with the new one.

Follow the steps outlined in the video below.

You're all set with your subscriptions with rotating coffee.

Case Quantities

Create a case of the same product (e.g. 6 or 12 bags of the same coffee)

Gift Boxes

Easily create giftboxes using our bundles.

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