Review Demand in Operations

Demand is a powerful concept that is central to understanding Operations.  Dive into all things Demand with this introductory video, that uses the Review Demand page to walk you through how Demand is calculated, how it changes and how to troubleshoot issues.

Demand overview

How is Demand calculated?

Outstanding Demand - that amount that is needed to produce today - is roughly calculated as follows:

Total Variants from Orders - Inventory on Hand - Tasks Planned = Outstanding

If all Outstanding Demand is met, and you have additional quantity of Tasks planned, then this results in Carryover being created.  Carryover is tomorrow's Inventory.

Demand terms defined

Demand is the total amount that is needed by orders and Internal Demand that are due today or by tasks that will create Carryover that have this item as an ingredient in its recipe.

Inventory is the total available inventory for this item. Inventory is created when a task is marked as complete.

Tasks is the total amount of planned tasks for today for this item.

Outstanding is the amount of demand that has not been planned. Create more tasks to reduce Outstanding. Auto Plan will create enough Tasks to reduce Outstanding to zero.

CarryoverCarryover is the projected inventory at the end of the day if all planned tasks are completed. as complete.

How often is Demand updated?

Demand is updated based upon the schedule set by your plan, but is generally from every 30 seconds to every 5 minutes.  Please review the Pricing page to see current limits.

Can I run Auto Plan multiple times?

Yes!  You can run it as many times as you need, though it will caution you to wait a few minutes between attempts.

Common questions about Demand

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