Green Coffee Inventory

* This is a BETA feature. Please contact if you would like to request access.

RoasterTools is excited to announce that we have a new exciting feature to help you track your Green Inventory. Our goal in this initial beta is to allow you to accurately track your current green coffee inventory.  It’s really that simple, and focused.  We do have plans to expand this functionality, but in future releases after considering your feedback!

Once Green Coffee is enabled on your account, you will be able to enter purchases, make adjustments and green coffee inventory will be automatically deducted as you mark a Roast as roasted.  


  • Your initial setup step is to enter in the current available inventory, and the most recent purchase price for that inventory.  You can do this by visiting this page once inventory is enabled on your account:
  • Your can make adjustments down for various reasons by clicking Products > Green > Select a Green Coffee > Dropdown > Adjust inventory
  • You can increase inventory only by making a Purchase
  • Any current or future ProductionRuns will start tracking GreenCoffee inventory immediately after the beta is enabled.  You may go negative if you don’t enter inventory before clicking `Roast`  on the ProductionRun.  You can “make up” for this by using the Initial Inventory screen, or purchasing a single coffee.  If you do so, you’ll want to enter an amount that compensates for the negative inventory on hand to arrive at your actual, current inventory.  

If current inventory (in RoasterTools) is = -10lbs

But, your actual inventory (in real life) = 80lbs

You will need to enter in 90lbs into the purchase form to arrive at the actual number

Some known limitations

Being a BETA feature, there are still some limitations to how Green Inventory tracking works.

  • You may sell a product on the portal that you do not have inventory for
  • Although you can enter weight in KG, 60kg bags, etc., it still shows up as `lb` in the views and various places where available inventory is shown
  • The page for Initial inventory requires a value in each field.  If you want to purchase just one green coffee, then click on the dropdown next to the Green Coffee in the list page and select `Purchase`
  • You will not be prevented from using “too much inventory” and going negative.  

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at and we will do our best to assist you!

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