A Guide to using the Shopify Integration

Shopify Integration Update: Any connections attempted after January 2022 are currently unavailable. The Shopify Integration is under construction due to fundamental changes made by Shopify. To import orders from Shopify please use the  ShipStation Integration.

The Shopify integration is designed to make mapping your products between Shopify and RoasterTools easier with two main features: 
  1. Bulk Matching Using bulk matching, you will be able quickly replace your Shopify SKUs with the correct RoasterTools SKU — making mapping products much easier!
  2. Create RoasterTools products in Shopify The second feature this integration introduces is the ability to automatically create your RoasterTools products in Shopify. 

Set Up

You will need to fist connect your Shopify account to your RoasterTools account. This article walks you through that process: https://help.roastertools.com/article/101-how-to-connect-to-shopify

Mapping Products

Once your account is set up and connected, the next step is to begin mapping your RoasterTools products with their Shopify counterparts.

To map your products is to use the bulk matching feature from the Shopify integration page found here: https://app.roastertools.com/account/integrations/shopify

Then, its as easy as following these 4 steps: 

  1. Press the Import Shopify Products button to bring in your most recent list of Shopify products and SKUs. (Depending on how many products you have, this may take a few minutes)
  2. With the updated list of Shopify products in RoasterTools, the next step is to locate your items and select their RoasterTools variant from the drop-down menu  
  3. Next, you need to press the Sync SKU button, which will automatically update your product SKUs in Shopify with the correct RoasterTools SKU. (Important: When you click sync, your SKUs in Shopify will be replaced with a new SKU from RoasterTools)
  4. Finally, you will just need to repeat steps 2 and 3 with all remaining products that need mapping. 

Creating New Products in Shopify

The second important feature of this integration is the ability to create new products in Shopify. When creating a new product in RoasterTools, you will now have the ability to automatically sync that product with Shopify, which will automatically create a draft of that product with all of its variants in your Shopify account. 
Your new Shopify product will not be published to your Online Store.  So, to activate the product, you will need to go into your Shopify account, manually make any adjustments, and activate the product. 

Hopefully this article has helped you better understand the Shopify integration with RoasterTools and the new features it introduces to streamline your workflow. 

However, if you have any questions that were not answered in this article, please reach out to support@roastertools.com and we will gladly answer any of your questions as best we can! 

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