How to Connect to Shopify

Shopify Integration Update: Any connections attempted after January 2022 are currently unavailable. The Shopify Integration is under construction due to fundamental changes made by Shopify. To import orders from Shopify please use the  ShipStation Integration.

You will add a private app to your Shopify account, and use that private app's API key and password to connect RoasterTools to Shopify.   This will allow RoasterTools to:

  • sync SKUs from RoasterTools to Shopify
  • push new products from RoasterTools to Shopify as unpublished products 
  • make it easier to import orders from Shopify via ShipStation

If connecting with this method, an account admin on the Shopify store will need to follow the Getting Credentials from Shopify section and provide those credentials to you.

You will then need to connect following the Connecting to Shopify from RoasterTools section below.

Getting Credentials from Shopify

First, you will need to create a private app in Shopify. To do this, go into Shopify and click on Apps:

Then scroll to the bottom of the page click Manage private apps:

On the next page, click the Create a new private app button:

Give your app a name and provide your contact email address.

Set the following Permissions to  Read and Write:

  • Inventory
  • Locations (read access)
  • Orders
  • Products

All other permissions are optional and can be configured per your preferences.

Click Save to create the app, then get the API key and password from the Admin API section:

Connecting to Shopify from RoasterTools

You can now connect to Shopify using your store URL, the API key, Password and Shared Secret.

Back in RoasterTools, navigate to the Shopify integration page where you can paste in the API Key, Password, store URL, and Shared Secret, and click to connect:

You can now use the Shopify integration as outlined in the Shopify Integration guide here:

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