In addition to syncing orders to Quickbooks Online as "Invoices", orders that are paid will also sync payments to Quickbooks Online to save time reconciling orders with accounting.  

Payments will automatically sync alongside orders, and attempt to use active payment methods of the same name (e.g. 'Check' for Check, 'MasterCard' for a MasterCard payment made via Stripe, etc.).  

What is a payment?  Payments may be a Stripe ACH or credit card payment made via RoasterTools, an order manually marked as paid via Check or Cash, or it may be an assumed payment from your external ecommerce platform.  

Imported orders like this requires a simple setup step, so check that out below if interested in exporting ecommerce orders to Quickbooks Online.    

However it is paid, the goal is to mark associated invoices as paid in Quickbooks Online when those orders are exported. 

Exporting Ecommerce Payments

If you wish to export ecommerce orders - say ones from systems like Shopify or Woocommerce or Squarespace - then follow the steps below to set a default payment method via the Quickbooks Online integration page: 

How to set a default payment for imported orders

  1. Click on your name
  2. Select “Integrations” 
  3. Select “Quickbooks Online”
  4. Click the “Ecommerce Order Exports” menu item
  5. Use the second dropdown (#2 in the image below) to set a default payment method from your Active payment methods on Quickbooks Online

Please note that if you haven't set a QBO Customer for ecommerce orders (#1 in the image below), it is highly recommended.

You will need to create a single customer in QBO to represent all of your ecommerce orders - 'Web Orders' is a common choice - and select that on this page.  

All future imported orders will use that customer when exporting to Quickbooks, saving you the hassle of managing 1,000s of one-off retail customers in QBO.

Your alternative is to manually set the Quickbooks customer each time an order is exported, which may involve creating a customer when you do so.  It's a process that won't scale well!

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