Not being able to charge a customer can be extremely frustrating. In this article, we will discuss the most common errors that occur when a customer is on AutoPay and how to solve them. 

Order is pending
If the order is still pending, please approve order and either archive it, or add it to a production run

Order never had shipping cost updated
If the order is expected to ship, but we don't know the cost of the order, then we can't charge the full amount. This problem is related to your delivery method being set to 'Live Shipping Rate.'  You can try one of two solutions:

  1. If the order did export and was shipped inside of ShipStation, then you should click the 'Update Shipping' button on the invoice page.  You can also do this as a batch action on the orders screen:
  2. If you cannot import the shipment data for some reason, then you'll want to change the shipping method in this order.  You can do that via the Orders screen, in the drop down menu.  Yes, even if you've already completed the order in a production run.

Order was archived
In this case, we are going to assume that you already shipped this order, so it's probably best to update the shipping method to something with a known shipping cost and to be able to run the card.  

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