May 2018

  • [May 15] ADDED Magic link request on portal sign in page
  • [May 5] FIXED Customers of multiple roasters using RoasterTools can now accept invites
  • [May 3] FIXED Order date shown on portal orders

April 2018

  • [April 24] FIXED From address on customer emails is now the 'Sales' email set in Account Settings
  • [April 6] ADDED Company's logo to the portal login page rather than RoasterTools' logo
  • [April 6] ADDED Ability to click on a product's image to choose it in the portal
  • [April 2] ADDED Ability to see delivery method when selecting orders for a production run
  • [April 2] FIXED Ability to show exclusive bundles in the portal  

March 2018

  • [March 29] ADDED Ability to make grinds exclusive to customers on the portal
  • [March 22] FIXED Bug with exclusive bags for wholesale portal
  • [March 22] ADDED Search, tabs and pagination to Customers page
  • [March 22] FIXED Exclusive product issue on portal if more than one customers was selected
  • [March 21] ADDED Ability to make bags exclusive to customers on the portal
  • [March 21] ADDED SKUs to bundle page
  • [March 19] REMOVED Product Types from the product menu for all new accounts
  • [March 14] ADDED Preselecting the first bag and grind option on the portal
  • [March 14] FIXED Bug that prevented grinds from being sorted
  • [March 11] ADDED Rich text editor to product descriptions
  • [March 7] ADDED Test Mode feature to redirect customer emails
  • [March 4] FIXED Incorrect shipping on portal review page

February 2018

  • [February 23] ADDED Order notes are included on printable fulfill page
  • [February 16] ADDED V2 of wholesale portal

January 2018

  • [January 11] ADDED ability to delete Price Levels
  • [January 3] FIXED issue that prevented bundle products from changing status on portal
  • [January 1] ADDED error messages when a card is added or charge made with Stripe
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