When creating products in RoasterTools, you will need to create the product individually through the "New Product" button on the "Product" page.

To create a roasted coffee product, select "Coffee".  
In order to create a roasted coffee product, you will need to have entered the information for the green coffee components and roast details.  Check out our tutorial video on how to create a roasted coffee product by clicking here:

For a single non-coffee item, select "Single".  Simply enter the information for the item.  If you are shipping the item, be sure to include the weight for shipping calculations.  If you happen to have a very large amount of non-coffee items to load in to the system at once, contact the team at RoasterTools for some help.  

For a bundled package or case quantity, select "Bundle."  You can find more information on bundled products by clicking here:

Editing Products in RoasterTools

To edit the products you have already entered in to RoasterTools, you can download your current (already existing) product CSV file, make edits, and then upload the edits back in to RoasterTools.  

This feature allows you to edit SKUs or price changes quickly with "copy & paste" features in the spreadsheet.  This feature cannot add new products to RoasterTools, only edit existing products.

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