In order to get your Shopify orders syncing correctly, here are the steps you need to take:

1 - Click Your Name on the upper right corner of the screen > Select "Account Settings"

2 - Scroll down to Bulk Product Update

3 - Download Product CSV file to get SKUs to copy to Shopify

4 - Copy SKUs for each size to the appropriate Shopify product

You can add SKUs on Shopify either in individual products like this: 

Or you can edit en masse by using the bulk edit function.  You first select the products to edit:  

and then on the next screen edit the SKUs for a bunch of products at once:

Troubleshooting problems with ReCharge / Subscription products!

You must request a SKU update from Recharge in order for new SKUs to be used with your subscriptions.  Simply email to make that request, and their support team will handle it for you! 

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